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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Introducing New Birds

Do not put a new purchase parakeet in the cage with the old one. If no necessary precautions could have problems.

While parakeets tend to be gregarious and sociable birds, never put the new parakeets in the flock of old parakeets. What happens if the new one joins the old one, may be they attack the new one. So do not expect a friendship set overnight, need time to adjust to the new situation, especially if you have long solos.

If you want to give your parakeet a couple or integrate a new group, follow these tips:
* Purchase or provides a second cage for the bird again. A small and economical is the best, and then you can use as a transport cage or quarantine.
* It is advisable to have the parakeet again for at least a week in isolation from others, so you'll never have any contagious disease and have time to familiarize yourself and your hand.
* The next step is to put both cages in the same room. This may provide visual and acoustic contact, but none considered the other as an intruder in their territory.
* If you usually drop your parakeet to fly across the room, still not open the cage of the "new". More likely is that the approaching old parakeet's cage again, and so may provide a first physical contact through the bars.
* After several days, open both cages. This will allow day release known in the room and none will see the other as an intruder in his cage, which is its more intimate territory. In addition there will be enough space for both parakeets can get away from the other in case of trouble

What reactions can you expect?

Have been observed three possible reactions to a new parakeet, by others:
1. The old parakeets accept at once, make contact with him and joined the band. 2. Old ignore it, do not approach him or attack him. After a few days or weeks, they accept and establish contact with him. 3. The old parakeets attack or frighten the new, to being afraid.

Depending on the reaction you need more or less time until the new parakeet to be accepted by others. However, there is a way to facilitate this process.

If you change the arrangement of the hangers, you put new parakeet toys , etc.., Will realize that for both parakeets cage is unknown territory and in principle will avoid fights over territory.

Remember the golden rule, "Do not introduce a new parakeet parakeet in the cage of old," no matter if you have only one or two old parakeets, we recommend you follow these tips.

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