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Sunday, April 4, 2010

First Aid for Your Bird

Tips in Caring Parakeets Upon receipt of an injured Parakeet bird there are two different situations: 1) The bird is very weak, does not move, do not eat or drink; 2) The bird stands and, although it is weak, eats alone. In the first case, consult a veterinarian immediately. In the second alternative, hopefully will recover with a proper diet. Close doors and windows where the bird is. Put it in a box without cover no more than four times its size, the floor covered with newspaper for easy cleaning. Place it in a quiet and warm, without direct sun. Cover the box with a cloth so as not to stress occur. Touching as little as possible, so avoid making unintentional fractures.

Data to Monitor
Look closely if you are missing feathers on the wings or tail, or are cut off, if you have cuts or bruises, see if you swallow liquids (not to put his head back, you can choke. To know the nutritional status of the animal, palpate the chest (breastbone) and whether the bones are easily detected could indicate malnutrition. If you can drink, give him water with small amounts of glucose (glucolĂ­n water or honey.

Identify which species belongs to is very important. If it originates in the region and has no signs of having been in captivity, we assume that their release would cause no problems. However, if a species native to another region or another country, you should not leave it free. Incorporate non-native species or individuals can often cause severe disruption to the regional nature. For more details, we recommend consulting the bird guides or local members of Aves Argentinas / Plate Ornithological Association (AOP)

It is the period during which aims to restore the health of the bird and see if other pathologies. Their duration varies with the species and its origin. During quarantine avoid excessive contact with the bird, because it creates dependency and alter the rehabilitation process. At the end of this period the animal will be able to take their natural food and to fly in a coordinated way.

A veterinary examination of the parasites detected in feces indicate whether the bird can be released (is healthy) or not (there are signs of disease. We must prevent the spread of parasitic diseases to other birds in the area. You should also consider the presence of any other infectious disease.

Additional Information:
Care of the Beak and Nails If a bird fails in a manner acceptable to wear your nails with daily exercise will have to cut them so that the animal is constantly hooking legs with any object you come across in the cage. The overgrowth of the claws occurs mainly in smaller birds, which must be paid special attention to no harm.

As in the case of nails, the peak undergoes a progressive growth slows down wear and tear during normal activity of the bird. If the activity is not sufficient peak size increased disproportionately to the point that the animal may be disqualified for food. This problem occurs mainly in psittacine, using its beak as a tool. As precautionary measures and extra wear to the peak must be placed in accommodation or cuttlefish bone mineral block, and branches are not poisonous and the animal can gnaw and wear down the beak naturally.

There are certain types of birds, which often are found in the homes and because of their sociability and intelligence need to be entertained and feel in the company. The failure, by these animals, distraction, and forgetfulness and neglect, by the owner, may cause natural or stereotypic behaviors that are associated with severe damage. That is why toys are so important for these birds, especially parrots and they have to spend lots of time alone.

The toys have to meet very specific characteristics that do not become a hazard. They will be non-toxic, non-nasty, resistant to the action of a non-shedding peak and the animal pieces to swallow causing intestinal obstruction

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Information About Breeding Parakeets

How can you tell if your parakeet is sick? The parakeets are birds from Australia. Although it depends on many factors, the average age of life is ten or twelve years. They adapt quickly to life in a cage, and although birds are often robust to enjoy living in community, their immune system is often quite fragile. They suffer from various diseases, many of which are preventable if we watch closely their food and hygiene.

Crucially time determine any condition, because they instinctively tend to hide the symptoms to avoid being marginalized by their peers. It is best if you notice your budgie have any abnormal behavior, promptly consult with a professional as quickly progressing disease in these birds.

Here are some of the most common signs you should look, which could alert you to any condition: the parakeet eat or drink less or more than usual, showing weight loss or swell, their plumage becomes opaque, its waxy changes color; manifested little activity, not fly or pant after it, breathing with difficulty, your eyes are long time or keeps closed, avoid contact with peers or are they who reject, their droppings change color.

Some conditions of the birds are: abnormal molt feathers, mites, internal or external parasites, diarrhea, colds, thrush, irritation of the crop, lack or overdose of vitamins, among others.

If you notice one or more signs of our list above, please immediately consult a specialist in birds. Remember that appropriate treatment depends on the recovery of your parakeet. Construction of an aviary Most of exotic birds and require large open spaces to live. Therefore they need a special habitat, it can do to build an aviary. If you want to raise animals of a certain size need greater accommodation, even for relatively small species may be that the cage space is insufficient. Or you might want to have several species housed on premises and even raising opportunities. In all these cases we must resort to the aviaries. The functions of the virus may be: Host bird-cage whose maintenance is inadequate. -Provide an accommodation with the right conditions. -Provides a means of keeping several species together with purely aesthetic purposes.

The aviaries can be located indoors or outdoors. The external aviaries are outdoor facilities. Must be located in a place where they are under more or less constant vigilance. These facilities need cleaning, changing water and food, at least every two days. Counseling is another important factor. The best thing is that the aviaries are facing south. If not possible, should be oriented to the southeast, if not to the southwest. These guidelines make the sun's rays affect longer in the aviaries, and also the facilities will be less subject to inclement weather, cold and frost. It is important to know also, if possible, the prevailing winds in the area. No we never target an aviary facing the prevailing winds in the region. The land on which we place our aviary should be as smooth as possible. In general you should always avoid putting aviaries in shady areas, high risk or low trees. In the shade or in areas exposed during the winter the temperature can be appreciably lower than in a sheltered location and the sun.

You must design the aviary with easy access, height must be greater than 2 or 2.5 m. lower installation height to the building will look bad, plus any bird should always be high enough so that we can enter and move through it without having to stay crouched. Inside you can place a trunk tilted so that the birds rest on, and you must also add the containers in which you will be food and water.

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Major Diseases of the Parakeets

The parakeets are small and odd pets to take home. People have to take them home because of its beautiful plumage and exotic rarity. Birds are especially high demand for single people or does not have a large space at home to get a dog or cat.

These are very fragile and require constant care, but not as deep as a large pet. Because it is so sensitive is that they need to know that diseases can suffer in a given time and which can be prevented by the rules of cleanliness and hygiene.

The most important thing in breeding parakeets , if you see something unusual in the parakeet not to wait long to take him to the veterinarian.

Some of the diseases that can give the parakeets:

Asthma It is a condition characterized by difficulty breathing moment. It's usually a bit tricky to heal, but it leads to death.

Bronchitis It is produced lime dust, toxic gas and germs. The birds remain motionless with eyes closed, and have difficulty breathing. They also lose your appetite.

Catarrh of Chest It manifests itself in the bird, when it has a purple color, loss of appetite and ruffled feathers keep them. The illness lasts 3 to 5 days and unfortunately it is incurable and the bird dies.

Gastro-intestinal Catarrh The main cause of this evil is the poor quality of the grain consumed by parakeets. Completely loses the desire to eat, the stool is soft and her face looks sad.

Cholera Are rolled and shrink without moving, have diarrhea and do not eat.

Sleeping Sickness The eyes are watery and stay with her eyes closed, very sleepy. Unfortunately no cure.

Epilepsy It is restless and fluttering in the cage in the form of an attack. It is incurable.

Constipation The parakeets suffer from not being able to defecate properly and make efforts to do so. The lettuce helps the problems of constipation.

Fractures Bones are broken. They are usually in the legs or wings, it is necessary that you see a veterinarian.
Piojillo The diseases are tiny parasites that land from under the feathers of birds. Is given because of poor hygiene.

These small animals can also suffer from melancholy. Is because they feel lonely. If you put a male and companion, the blues away. If a female should be exclusively a male or female can attack and cause death.
To not have one of these diseases and take care of your parakeet must constantly observe any changes.

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and Breeding Parakeets are my hobbies...

Introducing New Birds

Do not put a new purchase parakeet in the cage with the old one. If no necessary precautions could have problems.

While parakeets tend to be gregarious and sociable birds, never put the new parakeets in the flock of old parakeets. What happens if the new one joins the old one, may be they attack the new one. So do not expect a friendship set overnight, need time to adjust to the new situation, especially if you have long solos.

If you want to give your parakeet a couple or integrate a new group, follow these tips:
* Purchase or provides a second cage for the bird again. A small and economical is the best, and then you can use as a transport cage or quarantine.
* It is advisable to have the parakeet again for at least a week in isolation from others, so you'll never have any contagious disease and have time to familiarize yourself and your hand.
* The next step is to put both cages in the same room. This may provide visual and acoustic contact, but none considered the other as an intruder in their territory.
* If you usually drop your parakeet to fly across the room, still not open the cage of the "new". More likely is that the approaching old parakeet's cage again, and so may provide a first physical contact through the bars.
* After several days, open both cages. This will allow day release known in the room and none will see the other as an intruder in his cage, which is its more intimate territory. In addition there will be enough space for both parakeets can get away from the other in case of trouble

What reactions can you expect?

Have been observed three possible reactions to a new parakeet, by others:
1. The old parakeets accept at once, make contact with him and joined the band. 2. Old ignore it, do not approach him or attack him. After a few days or weeks, they accept and establish contact with him. 3. The old parakeets attack or frighten the new, to being afraid.

Depending on the reaction you need more or less time until the new parakeet to be accepted by others. However, there is a way to facilitate this process.

If you change the arrangement of the hangers, you put new parakeet toys , etc.., Will realize that for both parakeets cage is unknown territory and in principle will avoid fights over territory.

Remember the golden rule, "Do not introduce a new parakeet parakeet in the cage of old," no matter if you have only one or two old parakeets, we recommend you follow these tips.

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Tips To Know Before You Purchase Your New Ferret

Owning a cat, dog, or a parakeet is one thing but owning a ferret is a whole new ballgame. It is not necessarily any harder but it is different indeed. Because it is different owners tend to make some oversights and blunders which could be avoided easily if a potential ferret owner were to just read up a little bit on ferrets and maybe talk to a few other ferret owners about new ferret ownership.

Ferrets are very excitable animals to the point of being almost hyper. Once you get used to them you will likely find great joy in the way that they present themselves when you get home from work and allow them time to come out of their cage and play. At first their behavior might appear to be a bit extreme but it is only excitement and love for you that they act this way. Don't be alarmed if your ferret jumps wildly into the air and scurries about recklessly...this is normal behavior for an excited ferret. In addition to being extremely excited consider that the ferrets do not have very good eyesight and this can contribute to what many may mistake for clumsiness.

Ferrets are funny animals and there are a few instances when humor is needed because a new ferret owner did not research the behaviors of ferrets before buying one. The result can be that owners freak out when the ferret does something that is actually quite natural to them. For example, if a ferret starts to drag his behind around on the floor, many owners may rush him to the vet convinced that he is ill. Had they did their homework they would know that the ferret is merely washing his butt on your carpet. Not much can stop this from happening because ferrets like to be hygienic but what you can do is place their litter in an area that is easily washable.

Ferrets love to sleep and they do it very well. Again, a little research would inform a person that ferrets sleep so deeply that nothing can wake them. Many ferret owners have experienced a racing heart by watching their sleeping ferret and taking him for dead! Even when they are picked up, most of the time they will sleep right on through.

Another avoidable blunder is being convinced that your ferret is cold because he trembles a bit. Trembling is something common that all ferrets do and not because they are cold. They are either excited or looking forward to something and this is why they shake. Don't think that your ferret is cold or afraid. Once you pick him up and offer him a little love you will see the shaking cease and your ferret will return to normal.

Ferrets are great and they are especially great when you can understand them. Knowing what to expect from them and what normal behavior is and what is not is something that every ferret owner should know. It might end up saving you quite a bit of money in the long run.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Eight Best Parrot Species as Pets

Parrots are among the most intelligent species of birds and this is the reason why more and more people are keeping parrots as pets. The world has more than 350 of known parrot species. Here is a brief introduction to the 8 parrot species most suitable to be kept as pets:

The African Grey Parrot
It is one of the best choices of people to keep as pets, because of their ability of mimic speech. This gives a chance to the people to show off unique characteristics of their parrot. But, it has always seen as a risk too because it is not sure that all of African grey Parrots keep the ability of the mimic speech.

Budgies are other species which are very beautiful and lovely birds and pet lovers love to keep them as pets. The unique feature of this species is that they can be taught to speak and they can play with people because of their social nature and intelligence. Even though, their life span is of five to eight years but if people take very good care of them, they can live the life up to fifteen years.

They are very small parrot breed which are very cheap and maintained with requiring very less care because of their size and nature. They are less aggressive with the life span of fifteen to twenty years.

Conures Conure is another species of parrot that you need to know. It has a long tail and a light body which can live a life of thirty five years. They have the capability to learn quickly and this way it becomes very easy to teach new tricks to them. So, they are famous for being kept as pets.

Lovebird is another parrot species which is kept as pet and they are of very small size with beautiful articles. It is advisable to keep them in the pair as they are lovebirds and they will be close to each other rather than having closer to you.

Macaws are one another famous parrot species. Macaws are the longest parrot species with the life of almost fifty years. Because of this, you have to give a commitment to Macaw, if you are planning to purchase it. Because, they are big in the size, they require big cage and space. They make more mess of the food and needs frequent care too.

Parakeet is one another specie of the parrots which can be kept as pet. Because of the fact that they have a long tail, they are bit conspicuous. Many people like to keep it as a pet because of their friendly nature.

Let us also look at the Parrotlets which is another parrot species to keep as pets. They are small aggressive nature parrots that should be watched closely that they don't come out of the cage. They need some interaction with the human beings to stay loving. The life span of Parrotlets is up to twenty years.

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Beak disease contained by a bird? just want to know what the disease is were birds beaks travel all mongo and rotten and chip off half agency and some feathers arnt growing properly on top of his head...this is a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo about 20 years weak...